Fire Extinguisher Price Singapore

We provide good quality Fire Extinguisher at an affordable price. The fire extinguisher price is varied according to the types of fire extinguishers. It is important to understand the Fire Extinguisher Classification and the type of building to select the suitable Extinguisher and equipment in order to get the best protection. Feel free to discuss with our specialist about your requirement. We will assist you to select the right Fire Extinguisher and equipment according to your building plan.


Type of Buildings

  • Fire Extinguishers for Residential Housing
  • Fire Extinguishers for Offices
  • Fire Extinguishers for Commercial buildings
  • Fire Extinguishers for Coffee shops
  • Fire Extinguishers for Factories

Fire Extinguisher Singapore Price List

The following price list is just a guide. Please contact us or email us to provide the usage and quantity of more accurate quotation.

Type of  Fire ExtinguisherPrice
Dry Powder Fire ExtinguisherFrom $38
Carbon Dioxide Fire ExtinguishersFrom $88
Wet Chemical Fire ExtinguishersFrom $348

Classes of Fires 

Fires can be classified according to the combustible materials be it solid, liquid or gaseous state and understand them is critical. Use the right types of fire extinguishers suitable for the burning fires is important. They can be classified simply as:

Class of Fire Description     Colour Code of       Fire Extinguisher

Class A Fire

Fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as paper, fabric, rubber, trash, plastics, etc usually of an organic nature. They are combustible that can ignite with glowing ambers. It leaves a residue in the form of ash such as paper, wood, rubber, cloth and some other plastics.Red for Water

Class B Fire

Fires involving flammable liquids, oils, paints, solvents, thinner and liquefiable solids. It also involves gases such as gasoline, paint thinner, kitchen grease, propane and acetylene.Cream for foam

Class C Fire

Fires involving energized electrical wiring or equipment (panel boxes, motors, chargers, computers). Note that if the electricity to the equipment is cut, a Class C fire becomes one of the other three types of fires.Blue for dry powder

Class D Fire

Fires involving combustible metals eg potassium, magnesium, titanium, sodium, lithium and zirconium. It involves exotic metals such as magnesium, sodium and titaniumBlack for Carbon Dioxide

Class F Fire

Fires involving deep fat fryer fires eg cooking oils and fats.Yellow for Wet Chemical

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