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Fire hazards are present in any environment or when doing any activities. Of course, the risk of fire is more likely to happen in situations when flammable chemicals or combustible materials are being used but even in low-risk environments such as in offices, the risk of fire is prevalent and can strike anytime and at any place. If a fire incident occurred, it can cause extensive damages to property and disrupt lives. Therefore, emergency preparedness like firefighting by using the fire extinguishers is crucial in maintaining fire safety at home and in the workplace. Be aware of the hazards in your house. Get everyone in the family to devise an escape plan. Inspect all the possible exits and escape routes to use in an emergency.

One common cause of the fire is compulsive hoarding behaviour where excessive storage of belongings in the house is prone to cause a fire. It will lead to serious damages, injuries or even death. Do not use the clothes washer and dryers excessively and be sure that the LPG cylinders are connected securely to prevent any gas leak.

The employer has to identify the source of the risk or hazards such as the ignition sources (eg overloaded socket) and instil awareness to his workers. Fire risk management, develop the fire safety procedures are areas of concern. Introduction and essential maintenance of appropriate fire safety equipment and to train your workers on these basic topics will contribute to the improvement in hazards management. Our company Fire Safety Care, the fire extinguisher supplier, provides the various types of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire blankets, gas detectors, etc. You can order online now.

The types of fire safety equipment and their operation/instruction manuals are to be made accessible to your workers. The study of the workplace together with the applicability of appropriate equipment to the hazards must be conducted. The basic requirement of fire safety equipment includes the following:


  • To keep the fire safety equipment such as different types of fire extinguishers, industrial safety gas detectors and fire blankets on hand and are ready to use in an emergency.
  • To train your workers on how to use the fire extinguishers and fire blankets and be sure that the workplace is a safe and everybody is aware of occupational and health hazards
  • To develop and maintain efficient fire safety procedures and devise the emergency escape plan to meet the specific requirements of your workplace
  • If you try to use a fire extinguisher on a fire and the fire does not immediately die, drop the extinguisher and get out. Most portable extinguishers empty in 8 seconds.
  • To ensure that your fire extinguisher is properly charged by looking at the gauge, the locking pin is intact and the seal is unbroken. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing or recharging fire extinguishers. If the unit is low in pressure, damaged, or corroded, replace it or have it professionally serviced.

Before you begin to fight a fire with a fire extinguisher to ensure that:

  • Everyone has left or is leaving the building.
  • The fire department has been called.
  • The fire is small, not spreading and controllable.
  • Your back is to an exit you can use quickly.
  • There is not much smoke in the room.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors or smoke alarms save lives. If the smoke detectors are properly installed and maintained, they play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries. In case of fire, the smoke spreads very fast and the smoke detector will detect the smoke and trigger the alarm to give you time to evacuate. is the fire safety equipment supplier.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Slow the spread of smoke, heat and fire with a closed door. Install a smoke detector in every sleeping room and outside each separate sleeping area. Install detectors on every level of the home
  • Smoke detectors should be interconnected. When one sounds, the remaining will also sound
  • When a smoke detector sounds, get outside and stay outside
  • Large homes may need extra smoke detectors
  • Test your smoke detectors at least once a month. Press the test button to be sure the alarm is working
  • There are two kinds of alarms. Ionization smoke alarms are quicker to warn about flaming fires. Photoelectric alarms are quicker to warn about smouldering fires. It is best to use both types of alarms in the home
  • Replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years

In order to reduce the risk of a fire or explosion to the minimal, it is important to remind yourself constantly to take reasonable steps to prevent mishaps from happening in your workplace. Generally, it is everyone’s legal obligation to observe the fire safety legislation.


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