Industrial Safety Gloves to protect your hands

Hand protection is important to mitigate hand injury

Industrial Safety Gloves Singapore

Hand protection by using industrial safety gloves is to take preventive measures to protect one’s hands from injury at work. Hands are very important and useful tools of a human being and they play a very significant role in daily life. However, they are prone to injury as well. They are exposed to hazardous conditions at work such as sharp edges, pointed objects, rotary machinery, hot objects, electricity, splinters and chemicals.

Very often, hands are injured when we move our eyes away from the tasks we are working on. In this way, it is like putting our hands into areas where we are not able to see what we are doing. There is a high tendency that accident will occur.

Take some time to think through the task before you start your job, a safe method can be considered to use.

Self-check by asking do you have all the tools needed for the job? When there is not enough, the tendency of using the hand is compromised.

Think about what you need before you start the job so that your hands don’t become a tool as a last resort. Can you see your hands during the task? When one hand is out of sight, it can quickly enter pinch points or other high-risk areas. This is especially true when using two hands to complete a task while focusing your attention on only one. Think about what could go wrong and plan for it. You may think this is simplistic but it happens all the time.

Follow the standard safety procedures and guidelines when performing your task to prevent or minimize the risk of an accident.

  • Perform a risk assessment.
  • Follow user instruction manual and product labels.
  • Use the right size, type and shape of gloves and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Change grips, hand positions or motions. Give hands a rest.
  • Use machine guards and safety devices etc at all the times.
  • Lockout and switch off equipment and machines those are not in use.
  • Wash hands when in contact with corrosive chemicals or as appropriate.
  • Avoid using finger rings and ornaments such as bracelets or watches.

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Think First, Work Safely!