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Fire Extinguisher Bracket Singapore

Where to install the fire extinguisher bracket?

Areas that are prone to fire are the kitchen, pantry, workshop, garage, rubbish bin areas or junkyard, hot work or heap of combustible dust should have fire extinguishers readily available. Be it home or workplace, fire extinguishers should be placed along escape routes. The main reasons for having the extinguishers readily available are to:

  • suppress fire along an escape route so trapped persons can exit burning premises to safety
  • extinguish or contain a fire from the time it is discovered until the arrival of the firefighters

If portable extinguishers are subject to malicious use, locked cabinets shall be used provided they include the means of emergency access eg a glass-fronted box to keep the key to unlock fire extinguisher cabinet in time of emergency. Such key shall be located next to the cabinet or as part of the cabinet.The operating instructions of portable extinguishers shall be located on the front of extinguishers.

Portable fire extinguishers provided should be installed along the escape routes conspicuously and with the labelling signs.These extinguishers shall be mounted on walls by the brackets or hangers supplied such that the carrying handle of the extinguisher is not more than 1.5m above the floor as required by SCDF. The cabinet for housing the portable extinguisher shall not be locked.


The portable fire extinguisher should be sited next to the exit of special purpose room such as outside the Lift Motor Room, Switch Room, Transformer Room, Store or Generator.This would allow occupants to ready themselves with the extinguishers before opening the door to the room where the fire is raging. The size, quantity and siting of these portable fire extinguishers shall comply with the SCDF requirements.

Once a fire extinguisher has been installed in a building, it becomes the responsibility of the building owner to maintain it. The fire extinguishers must be operationally ready and use in time of emergency. Maintenance of fire extinguisher shall only be carried out by approved servicing agency or company and shall be carried out periodically, but at least once a year. A maintenance check covers the disassembling the extinguisher, examine all its parts, cleaning and replacing any defective parts, and reassembling, recharging and, where necessary, repressuring the extinguisher.


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