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Industrial Safety Goggles Singapore

Industrial safety goggles are protective eyewear that usually protects the eye from injury, eye infection or the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent water or chemicals from getting into the eyes. They are commonly used in chemical laboratories and in carpentry industry. They are worn when using power tools such as drills to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes. Eyewear is being worn for job-related occupational safety and health purposes.


Difference between industrial safety glasses and  industrial safety goggles

Compared to industrial safety glasses, industrial safety goggles provide better protection.
They are effective in protecting the eyes from injury due to chemical splashes, impact, welding and dusty environment.
Industrial safety goggles with smooth airflow feature should be used to prevent fogging.

Types of industrial safety goggles

Below list explains some of the of industrial safety goggles that are available as prescription goggles for those with vision problems.

  • Welding goggles: Includes all goggles for eye protection during welding or cutting. Chemical burns, biological agents, and thermal agents from sources such as welding torches and ultraviolet also contribute to the occupational eye injury. They provide protection against debris, the heat from welding, and, with the proper filters, the optical radiation resulting from the welding.
  • Laboratory and research: Goggles that have impact resistance with side shields to prevent chemical splashes reaching the eyes are used in the laboratory and research works. The rubber lining around the lenses provide a high level of comfort and secure a firm grip with no pressure mark around the eye.
  • Virtual reality: A virtual reality headset, also known as goggles is a wrap-around visual. Wearer instead of viewing a screen in front of him is able to interact with the 3D worlds.


What should you do if contaminant gets into your eyes?

Using the correct safety goggles and face shields can prevent about 90% of occupational eye injuries. But if a chemical splash, dust, mist, spark or other contaminant does get into your eyes, you need to act fast. That’s why eyewash stations should never be more than 10 seconds (or 50 feet) from an eye hazard.

A few seconds can make difference between a minor injury and blindness, so it is important to know where the eyewash stations are located, how to get to there quickly and how to operate them.

Here’s what to do if a contaminant gets into your eyes and you need to use the eyewash station:

  • Keep your eyes open with your fingers
  • Position your eyes over the flowing water to flush out the contaminants
  • Keep your eyes open and roll your eyes to help remove contaminants
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or removing anything embedded in your eyeball
  • If you are wearing contact lenses, take them out while continuing to flush your eyes
  • Continue flushing your eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Seek medical attention

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