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Fire Extinguisher Singapore supplier provides a wide range of fire extinguishers for firefighting. Fire is a hazard. Its consequences can be a threat to the lives or health and safety of relevant persons, permanent damage to or loss of property and severe interruption to normal business activities or opportunities. If proper fire safety is not carried out, fire can cause extensive damages to property, serious tragedy and loss of lives.

Importance of Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers Singapore are the first line of defence to prevent the fire from spreading while waiting for the arrival of the fire engine. When the fire is extinguished at its earliest possible stage, it helps to

Prevent the loss of life and property and minimise the loss of property. In most cases, fire-related deaths and severe damage to property occur when the fire has continued to burn beyond the early stages.

  1. The requirement by the local authority for fire protection (SCDF) is that any alterations to the existing building should be approved by SCDF as it may affect the original fire protection systems of the building. Avoid erecting unauthorized structures which obstruct the access to escape routes and fire safety equipment ( e.g. Fire extinguisher, hose reel, sprinkler system, call bell, emergency exit)

What are the areas that require a fire extinguisher?

In any buildings, there are certain places that are mandatory by regulatory requirement that we need to have a fire extinguisher in place. The need to provide portable fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers of suitable type and capacity, to put out any fire in any cases of an outbreak of incipient fire.such places are

Places that require Fire Extinguisher

Type and Capacity of Fire Extinguisher

  • electrical switch rooms,
  • transformer rooms,
  • generator rooms,
  • lift motor rooms,
  • chemical / hazardous storerooms
  • 5 kg (8A rating)
  • multi-purpose dry chemical type
  • 5 kg (8B rating) carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher

Though not a statutory requirement, kitchen of each apartment or maisonette unit should be provided with a portable home fire extinguisher and smoke detector. Every owner should, for his family safety, install and learn how to use a home fire extinguisher.

Why are there are many colourful fire extinguishers prominently displayed in every building?

The colourful fire extinguishers are meant for extinguishing different classes of fire. For example, a printing room had caught fire due to short circuit and the extinguisher for use is either Dry Powder or Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher. This is classified as Class E fire.

What is Fire?

Fire is the state of combustion in which combustible material combines chemically with oxygen in the air to produce bright light, heat and smoke.

The incident of fire can happen anywhere and at any time.  This disaster can take place in any residential premises and workplaces such as shipyards, manufacturing floors, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, food and beverage establishments as well as institutions of learning.

Such catastrophic disasters can be avoided if there is a great understanding of how fires can be prevented and effectively controlled once they occur.

Classes of Fires 

Fires can be classified according to the combustible materials be it solid, liquid or gaseous state and understand them is critical. Use the right types of fire extinguishers suitable for the burning fires is important. They can be classified simply as:

Class of Fire Description     Colour Code of       Fire Extinguisher

Class A Fire

Fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as paper, fabric, rubber, trash, plastics, etc usually of an organic nature. They are combustible that can ignite with glowing ambers. It leaves a residue in the form of ash such as paper, wood, rubber, cloth and some other plastics.Red for Water

Class B Fire

Fires involving flammable liquids, oils, paints, solvents, thinner and liquefiable solids. It also involves gases such as gasoline, paint thinner, kitchen grease, propane and acetylene.Cream for foam

Class C Fire

Fires involving energized electrical wiring or equipment (panel boxes, motors, chargers, computers). Note that if the electricity to the equipment is cut, a Class C fire becomes one of the other three types of fires.Blue for dry powder

Class D Fire

Fires involving combustible metals eg potassium, magnesium, titanium, sodium, lithium and zirconium. It involves exotic metals such as magnesium, sodium and titaniumBlack for Carbon Dioxide

Class F Fire

Fires involving deep fat fryer fires eg cooking oils and fats.Yellow for Wet Chemical

Types of Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguisher

Water fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A fires – in other words, fires that involve ‘combustible materials’, such as paper, cardboard, wood or fabrics and other combustible material. 

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers are most effective on fires involving liquids such as oil, grease, gasoline, kerosene, acetone, paint or petrol.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Powder fire extinguishers are ideal for ‘multi-risk environments’.The most commonly used is ‘ABC’ Powder, so called because it tackles A, B and C Class fires (combustible materials, flammable liquids and flammable gases).

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher (CO2)

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are suitable for computer server rooms as they excel at putting out live electrical fires or class C fire.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are invented specifically for use in deep fat cooking fires. The body is painted in red with a yellow panel above the operating instructions.


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