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Evacuate when the Hydrocarbon Gas Detector alarm goes off

Hydrocarbon Gas Detector Singapore

Hydrocarbon is an odorless gas but it is extremely hazardous, inhaling hydrogen sulfide gas can be fatal especially people working in the oil and gas industry or confine space where it is mandatory to check the hydrogen sulfide gas level before any operations. Locations with high level of hydrogen sulfide gas must be adequately ventilated with strong exhaust system and fresh air circulation to ensure it meet the safe limits for working. In most cases we advise people to wear a self-contain breathing apparatus (SCBA)

Fixed or Portable Hydrocarbon Gas Detector Singapore

The hydrocarbon gas (H2S) detectors available comes with 2 main models, it  can be fixed, portable or transportable single gas in specification but there are those that comes with multi gas which is more expensive.

Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

A ‘fixed’ hydrocarbon gas detector is permanently fixed or installed in a specific or predefined location to enable continuous monitoring hydrocarbon gas of plant and equipment. This will provide an early warning of leaks from plant containing this hazardous gases or vapours where the alarm will trigger whenever during monitoring the concentrations hydrocarbon gases and vapours exceed the safety limits within plant. Fixed detectors are particularly useful where there is the possibility of a leak into an enclosed or partially enclosed space where hydrocarbon gas could accumulate.

Portable Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

A ‘portable’ detector usually is battery operated with a shelf life of 24 months it is a small, handheld device that can be used for detecting hydrocarbon gas or vapors in the atmosphere of a confined space before entry, by detecting any leaks presence it gives an early warning to prevent any work to be carried out in the hazardous area. The main disadvantage of the portable hydrogen gas detector is the battery cannot be replace normally it will be dispose when the battery is dead.

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