Use Safety Leather Hand Gloves To protect your Hands from Cuts, Abrasion and Laceration


Do not expose your bare hand to harmful operating sharp tools


Safety Leather Hand Gloves Singapore

Safety Leather Hand Gloves are often used for working environment where there is a lot of abrasion and friction works that take place. It serves as a protection due to its design and material used in making the gloves. Its outstanding features are:

  • Wear with high level of comfort made from high-quality materials
  • With defined ergonomic design results in optimum fit and feel
  • Finger movability due to elastic surface materials
  • Good grip and dexterity results in very good sense of touch

The Advantage of Using Leather With A Kevlar® Lining

Is it true that leather gloves are cut resistant? The leather is the skin of the animal and has lower cut resistant than cotton. When it is combined with yarns like Kevlar® then it is like reinforcing concrete with steel and become cut resistant. This advantage has attracted the manufacturer and safety leather hand gloves were developed.

There are different levels of cut resistance based on the hazards you are facing. We offer the different types of leather hand gloves which you can choose from. People tend to confuse cut-resistant gloves with cut-proof gloves. Cut-proof gloves do not exist. It is only cut-resistant gloves that are available.

Workers facing multiple hazards such as those listed below find that safety leather hand gloves very useful and provide them with the protection against hand injuries.

  • Impact
  • Arc flash
  • Flame
  • Cuts and laceration
  • Abrasion and friction
  • Water and liquid


Cut Resistant Gloves Are Too Expensive

It was reported that no hand injuries occurred when workers wore the safety leather hand gloves with Kevlar®. Despite the higher price, gloves made with Kevlar® saved 25% of total costs. Furthermore, Kevlar® gloves can last twice as long as cotton and three times as long as leather.

Apparently, no other textile or fabric can replace leather and is considered as an excellent resistance material to:

  • High temperature
  • Flame and fire
  • Abrasion and friction

Why wearing Safety Leather Hand Gloves are important?


According to Workplace Safety and Health Report 2016, it has shown that hand injuries can be prevented if hand protection gears such safety leather hand gloves are used at work. This will obviously keep you safe. By not wearing safety leather hand gloves it can result in fingers or palm lacerations, crush injury, nailbed, Radius & Ulna fractures. In less serious cases, injuries like nailbed injuries, distal phalangeal fractures and fingertip amputations whereby day surgeries are carried out.


The natural property of the leather is that when it is in contact with flame, it gets heated up will begin to shrink and curl but will not catch fire. Another advantage of leather is it is flame resistant. It has become the preferred material for linemen and electricians to protect themselves from arc flash and flash fire. In addition, the excellent thermal property of the leather is that it can withstand 430°F without any cracks or chars.

Safety leather hand gloves are cut resistant and very durable. They can protect your hands, especially your fingers from cuts, abrasion, laceration and crush. They can withstand extreme tough and harsh conditions like the oil and gas industry whereby there is high demand for these gloves to perform the jobs. They provides excellent good grip in dry or oily conditions and is ideal for wide range of applications.

Many times management put their effort into finding the right glove and forget to make it easy for workers to access them. The good glove-stocking program will enable the workers’ access to the hand gloves easily as the gloves are readily available for use and are critical to reducing hand injuries. Hand injuries occur when we take our eyes off the task. This is as simple as putting our hands into areas where we don’t have a clear line of sight. To stay focused on the task, use a mental checklist. Before commencement of the job take time to think through the task beforehand, safe alternatives can be considered. This ‘visualization’ technique is both tried and true.

By asking do I have all the tools needed for the job will help to commence your work adequately prepared. When you don’t have the tools you need, it is a common practice to substitute your hands. Think about what you need before you start the job so that your hands don’t become a tool as a last resort.

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