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Why choose the best industrial safety shoes?

Choosing the best industrial safety shoes can be quite a challenging task. It is important to choose a  pair that gives the best protection from your worksite hazards without compromising your organisation uniform code, fit for job and comfort. Industrial safety footwear not only protect your feet from injuries but also provide immense comfort to your feet, legs and posture. They come in different sizes and it is advisable not to buy oversized shoes as they will cause a sprain or even fracture. Safety shoes come with special features such as low cut safety shoes, mid-cut safety shoes, high cut safety shoes, ladies safety shoes, work shoes, racing shoes, sports shoes, kitchen safety shoes to PVC safety boots for men and women.

Firefighter footwear or boots are specially designed which can protect against heat, flames, debris, sharp objects and cold. In the time of emergency, they must also be quick putting on and taking off for operational readiness. Working in an environment where there is a high potential risk of electrical shock or electrocution, electrical hazard rated safety shoes and boots are indispensable. These industrial safety shoes play a significant role in meeting the criteria for hazard requirements.

The industrial safety footwear is made of the slip-resistant sole and it is safe and suitable for your use under oil and petrol/lubricant surrounding. The wet and slippery floor poses danger to you and these anti-slip industrial safety shoes will help you to prevent potential workplace accidents.These shoes can be further classified as steel toe cap safety shoes or composite safety shoes depending on their properties. Composite safety shoes, without any metal parts, however, can be worn through metal detectors.You can find a great deal on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for footwear protection products with the best selling industrial safety shoe brands at our website

Full Grain Leather Laced Safety Boots for Men

A pair of full grain leather laced safety boots will have dual density polyurethane (PU) soles with softer midsole to cushion the shock impact (SRC Outsole). Not only are they lightweight but also have slip-resistant PU sole. They are also sole resistant to oils and acids/alkalis. Catering for the welder, skilled craftsman or fireman who works near open flames, it is best to wear fire-resistant shoes and laces that are made from Kevlar fibres. These specially made shoes are well-breathable which is “engineered” with non-woven fabric lining provides high-level comfort to you.

The scuff cap for toe bumper protection with extra wide 5-toes toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes. The toe cap is made of 200 Joules steel toe cap for added cushioning of the impact and compression resistance, pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert.

Workers working in manufacturing industry or construction site are faced with different hazards. They are exposed to toxic gases, chemicals and falling objects on their feet. Once you are stricken, the recovery process can be lengthy and painful. By wearing industrial safety shoes, you are definitely protected from foot injuries as they provide traction, arch support and slip-resistant features.

If you choose not to wear industrial safety shoes, you are more prone to sustain broken bones, crushed feet and amputation of feet and toes. Such injuries are common in construction, fishing, logging and oil & marine industries. For construction sites, wire and nails are the most common cause of foot injuries. Burns can result from chemical splashes and molten metal. All these mishaps can be prevented by putting on your safety shoes. Working in scrap metal factory is prone to injuries that cause a puncture to the sole of the feet.

Lacerations, cuts and severed toes can also happen to people who work with machineries like chainsaws and rotary mowers without adequate protection.

How to take care of your boots:

  1. Cleaning
    Firstly, brush the dirt off the boot with a soft brush and lukewarm water.
  2. Care
    Then clean the boot with a suitable cleaning agent so that the leather stays soft and does not become brittle. If you have coloured inserts on the boots, it is best to use a colourless cream or gel to polish the surface of the boot.
  3. Impregnate
    Impregnation has to be carried out regularly to ensure that the water repels off the boots and also to provide additional contamination protection.

By taking care of the boots, it helps to maintain the decorum of yourself and instill a sense of confidence within you.
We provide wide range of protective shoes and boots that give guaranteed protection in the workplace.
They include steel-toed boots, which are designed to protect the top of the feet, shoes with puncture protection, waterproof shoes, safety trainers and protective shoes with anti-static rubber soles.
They are branded, fashionable and yet provide safety. We offer you the opportunity to select and order online from our store.


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