Hydrogen Gas Detector A Life Saver Instrument

Provide a warning alarm before an explosion

Hydrogen Gas Detector Singapore

Why You Need A Hydrogen Gas Detector

Hydrogen is an odorless, colorless and the lightest of all gases in the universe. When hydrogen gas is mixed with air, it becomes a highly flammable gas that can ignite easily with just a spark, destroying equipment and harming personnel.The lower explosive level (LEL) for hydrogen is 4.1% by volume. Always install a highly flammable and No Smoking Signage

Functions of Hydrogen Gas Detector

A hydrogen gas detector detects the presence of hydrogen gas where it gives a warning alarm before the concentration of H2 reaches the lower explosive limit to enable occupants to react on the danger. The detector contain a micro-fabricated point contact hydrogen sensors and are used to locate leakage of hydrogen gas. A hydrogen sensor is a gas detector that detects the presence of hydrogen. They contain micro-fabricated point-contact hydrogen sensors and are used to locate hydrogen leaks. 

Where should you install the Hydrogen Gas Detector

Since hydrogen gas is the lightest gas the hydrogen gas detector should be installed at the highest location or ceiling of the room where hydrogen gas would accumulate

Hydrogen Gas Detector allows the user to monitor hydrogen gas buildup in storage rooms and facilities that house batteries. It is recommend that you install the H2 hydrogen gas detector for detection and monitoring of H2 in

  • Production plant for battery
  • battery charging rooms for forklifts , heavy duty equipment, golf carts, backup power supplies
  • battery charging stations
  • substations
  • Hydrogen gas storage yards / facilities

Advantage of Hydrogen Gas detector

Compared with other multi gas monitoring equipment they are considered low cost and affordable. The design of the hydrogen gas detector is compact, durable, and easy to maintain as compared to other conventional gas detecting instruments.It is recommended that user should calibrate it at least once a year depends on the usage.


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