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Ammonia Gas Detector Singapore

Ammonia (NH3 ) is colourless gas and has a pungent suffocating smell. It is corrosive and overexposure can cause immediate burning of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract. It can lead to blindness, damage in the lung or even death. Inhalation of lower concentrations can result in coughing and irritation of nose and throat. According to OSHA, 25 ppm is the permissible level for Ammonia

Effects of Various NH3 Levels
Ammonia Level in PPMResulting Conditions on Humans
0-25Minor irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.
25Permissible Exposure Limit (OSHA).
50-100Swelling of the eyelids, conjunctivitis, vomiting, irritation of the throat.
100-500Concentrations are dangerously high, irritation becomes more intense. Death can result from highly concentrated, prolonged exposure.

However, when ammonia is found at a level that may cause concern, it was likely produced either directly or indirectly by human and is called ammonia gas or anhydrous (“without water”) ammonia. Ammonium ions are not gaseous and have no odour.

Functions of the Ammonia Gas Detector

Before we detect and monitor ammonia, you may want to know how or why ammonia is in abundance.

It is both manufactured and also produced naturally by decaying plants, animals, animal waste and bacteria. In its natural form, ammonia is found in water, soil, and air, and is a source of nitrogen for plants and animals.

We, human, produce almost 4 grams of ammonia daily just from our intestines. The bloodstream then absorbs this ammonia and brings it to the liver for processing. There the ammonia is turned into urea and re-enters the bloodstream, it is then carried to the kidneys and excreted from the body by way of the urine.

The purpose of the Ammonia Gas Detector is to detect the presence of ammonia. Once the level of ammonia exceeds the set limit set in the detector the alarm will go of,  giving warning to the occupants or people at the site to react or evacuate.

Here are some Ammonia Gas Detectors with different features:

Ammonia Gas Detector

The Ammonia gas detector can be single gas detector or multi gas detector and can measure up to 4 gases simultaneously. It has top-grade design and good stability. Results are shown on monochrome dot matrix LCD graphic display with Chinese and English languages available. It captures data with high precision and has visual and audio alarm. It has a back clip for ease of carrying about.

Portable  Ammonia Gas Detector

The portable ammonia gas detectors come with single or multi gas sensor heads. It is available in 7 inch x 4.75 inch x 2 inch dimensions with 5V alarm output. Features include onboard alarms, USB software interface, lithium battery or AC adapter, analog output, data logging function and rechargeable batteries.

It is suitable for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigation; industrial hygiene quality control, occupational safety and health testing applications. Automobile, aerospace, semiconductor, electronic manufacturing, heavy industry, steel, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, medical, construction and civil engineering industries served. Offers calibration and repair services.

Mini Ammonia Gas Detector

The mini Ammonia Gas Detector is mini in size, lightweight and cost-effective complete wiith all the functions. It can measure up to 4 types of gases at the same time, fast response and high precision. With back clip, easy to carry with.

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