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Carbon Dioxide Detector Singapore


The Carbon Dioxide (CO2), in an excessive amount, can displace oxygen in the air and cause suffocation. The gas can accumulate in confined places or low-lying areas, especially those without sufficient ventilation. The increase in the level of CO2 will not be dangerous but can make you feel lethargic and difficulty in breathing. It is best to keep the room ventilated with plenty of fresh air. Carbon dioxide contributes to air pollution in its role in the greenhouse effect, climate change and acid rain. All the harmful pollutants and increase in acidity level have the great impact on our living conditions and cause great damage to plants and trees. A Carbon Dioxide detector is necessary to monitor the presence and level of carbon dioxide to prevent exposure leading to irreversible health effects.


According to Workplace Safety and Health (WSH):

  • PEL (Long Term) Permissible Exposure Level (PEL) of Carbon Dioxide over an 8 hour workings day and a 40 hour week is 5000ppm
  • PEL (Short Term) Permissible Exposure Level (PEL) of Carbon Dioxide over a 15 minute period during any working day is 30,000ppm

Function of the Carbon Dioxide Detector

Confined spaces such as laboratories use gases such as carbon dioxide(CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ozone (O3), and phosphine (PH3) for scientific or technological research. These gases are also found in the production of iron and steel, chemicals and petrochemicals, oil refining, refrigeration and water treatment. These are toxic gases and require remedial action.

The Carbon Dioxide detector is to detect the leakage or presence of Carbon Dioxide. It is suitable for use in most workplaces or confined spaces. It alerts you to when the change in the level of CO2 has exceeded the mark set in your detector. When this happens, the Carbon Dioxide detector will trigger an alarm if the reading reaches an alarming level. It is very important that your detector is able to detect the toxic gas concentration accurately and respond fast. This is useful in saving lives and property. Do regular calibration of your detector by the factory-trained technician to ensure the accuracy of the gas detector reading and to detect the correct type of gases.

Advantage of Carbon Dioxide Detector

The advantage of the Carbon Dioxide detector is that it is a life-saving device as it can detect and give alert as a small leak of pressurized CO2 into a confined space can be a lethal threat to workers. The level of safety in the workplace will improve with this device.

Portable Carbon Dioxide Detector

The functions of the portable Carbon Dioxide gas detector is that it can continuously detect the concentration of combustible gas and Carbon Dioxide. It is widely used in emergency rescue, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, coking, environmental protection and other industries. The gas detector detects gas concentration in natural diffusion way and also can use the external suction pump to sample gas. It normally uses the electrochemical sensor. The important factors of this detector is its excellent sensitivity level and good repeatability. The readings can be seen on the OLED screen. Though small and portable, it can save 5000 records. The alarm has three modes namely, audible, visual and vibrating. It is designed with good grip, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof.


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