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Facial injuries can be detrimental and it is vital to protect ourselves using face protection. Splashing chemicals, flying debris, dust and even sparks from the woodworking and grinding machines all pose risk to the workers. From eye protection to face shield that covers the entire face, all the exposed areas need to stay safe.

A face shield is used to protect wearer’s entire face or portions of it from impact hazard. Face shields alone are enough for protection and should be used with protective glasses or goggles to ensure adequate and appropriate eye protection against impact hazards or chemical splash.

The shield is reinforced and can withstand high impact resistance given all outer windows are made of polycarbonate. For example, Welding face shields provide personal protection against grinding, polishing, deburring and operations.

Why need face shield

Most of the workers are not aware of the potential hazards in their work environments which make them prone to injury. The eye protection and face protection guards are designed to prevent or minimize the seriousness of the injuries to workers when engineering or administrative controls are not effective in reducing these exposures to an acceptable level.

By keeping workers safe and healthy in the workplace it can help them to perform better which in turn helps to increase productivity in the long run. If an employee is injured at work, the team’s performance will be less operational efficient and employer’s routine operations are correspondingly affected. In addition, business operators concerned may face prosecution under the Regulations.

The objective of wearing the face shield is to protect the entire face or portions of it from flying objects, debris, particles and chemical splashes in industry, or potentially infectious fluid (in medical). In the absence of dust or potential splashes, it acts as an additional protection.

An additional feature of the face shield is face shield windows. They are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees or levels of thickness. These levels should correspond with specific tasks carried out by the workers. Window and headgear devices are available in various combinations to enable the worker to select the most appropriate equipment to use at work.

Face shield windows extend from the eyebrow to below the chin and across the entire width of the face.

Face Shield with Removable Window allows replacement in the event the window is damaged. Those shield with the lift-front window can be raised if need be or left in the lowered position.

Plastic Windows protect the worker against light impact and may include a glass insert. They are either clear plastic or filtered.

Wire-screen Windows may include a plastic or glass insert. It protects against some moderate impact and are not recommended for use in chemical or liquid hazards

Headgear supports the window shield and secures the device to the head.

Adjustable Headgear Includes straps that allow the user to adjust the size of the headgear to ensure a proper fit. It allows the face shields to be shared among the employees.

Hard Hats with face shields may have a window shield mounted under the visor of the hat. It includes the face shield that may be plastic, wire-screen, lift front or removable.


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