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Light weight, battery operated and portable gas detector





Portable Gas Detector Singapore

The latest technology is used to transform the handheld gas detector to a greater reliable portable gas detector that is more cost-efficient and improved productivity.
The portable gas detector is designed to withstand the extreme change in temperatures in the harshest and toughest industries, including oil and gas, utilities, wastewater treatment, telecommunications and marine.
It is battery operated where you can select a battery replaceable or battery rechargeable unit where you do not need any power supply to operate

Function of the Portable Gas Detector

The portable gas detector is designed for leak detection of any gas piping and valve by equipping a built-in sampling pump. The digital reading of gas concentration is displayed on the LED screen and accurate measurement is made possible. The portable gas detector is intrinsically safe and can make continuous detection of combustible and toxic gases. It is suitable for combustible and toxic gas leakage detection in underground pipe or mines and keeps workers safe and prevents the facility from being destroyed.

Why is Fixed System better?

Fixed gas detection systems are installed to offer continuous monitoring of potentially dangerous environments. The advantage is that It requires minimal maintenance and is able to connect to building management systems as well as other active systems.

A risk assessment is required to identify potential hazards in both manned and unmanned areas of the site.

By installing the fixed gas detector it protects you and your assets. In addition, it also protects your workforce against asphyxiation, poisoning and explosions/fire. It can monitor 24 hours a day in all areas even when most of the time it is unmanned. Having fixed detection will reduce safety risks on site and thus creating a safer environment.


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