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Foam Fire Extinguisher Singapore

The fire extinguisher is manufactured with a red cylindrical body and has a second coloured band which depict the contents inside so that you can identify what type of fire extinguisher. Each type of extinguisher agent has a corresponding colour which is easy for identification purpose. The cream colour band is for water fire extinguisher. Before attempting to fight a fire it is important to check whether the extinguisher is fully charged and that the safety pin is not bent.

Foam fire extinguishers are most effective on fires involving liquids such as oil, grease, gasoline, kerosene, acetone, paint or petrol but it is important to remember not to use them on kitchen fires as this would be highly dangerous.

Why Foam Fire Extinguishers?

Foam fire extinguishers work by smothering the fire with a layer of foam and deprive it of oxygen. They are more versatile than water extinguishers but care must still be taken around electrical fires which they are not generally suited for.

Size Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguisher are a good general use extinguisher, foam extinguishers come in a wide range of sizes, from 1 litre to 9 liters.


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