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Using the Fire Blanket to Safeguard Your Property and Life





Fire Blanket Singapore

 Purpose of a Fire Blanket

The fire blanket is interlaced with fibreglass yarn and lined with sheets of fire-resistant materials. It is especially useful for putting out pan fires or for wrapping a burning fire source. Do you ever wonder what is the purpose of a fire blanket and how to use it to put out the fire? The fire blanket is one of the effective safety tools for heat and fire protection. It is made of fire retardant materials and is of different shapes and sizes.  Using fire blanket is one of the solutions you can use in the event of a fire. They typically contain glass wool concealed in a fireproof plastic casing. To keep the unit compact and for ease of storage, the fire blankets are folded and pre-packed in protective rigid plastic bags. It is an ideal fire protection tools for factories, residential & commercial buildings, construction sites, hotels and shipyards, The covers are provided with hanging loops or fixed points for mounting on the wall near the fire-prone area. If found obstructive, the blanket can be hung on the door inside the kitchen cabinet or keep inside the drawer for easy access in time of fire emergency.

Steps on using the fire blanket:

  1. Remove it from the protective covering using the quick release pull tapes provided.
  2. Unfold the blanket fully and can be done easily if the container is fixed
  3. Ensure the fire is not between you and the exit. Unfold the fire blanket and hold it in front of you to so that your body, hands and face are protected from the fire.
  4. Use both hands to grip the top corners of the blanket so that no part of your hands or body is facing the fire side of the blanket.
  5. Raise the fire blanket such that it is hung in front of you and now walk closer to the fire. Once you are close enough place the blanket over the fire or let it fall gently to completely cover the fire source.
  6. Ensure there are no gaps for air to reach the fire. Shut off any gas or other fuel supply involved in the fire and contact the fire department if you have not done so.
  7. It is unwise to throw the fire blanket from a distance as you may miss the target in your panic and also cause the fire to propagate due to the stirring of air closest to it.
  8. It would be good to pat down the edges of the blanket onto any adjacent hard surface to minimise any air flowing to the fire.
  9. Leave the fire blanket for at least 30 minutes to suffocate and make sure the fire is completely out and the temperature of the remaining part of the blanket has cooled down.

When to use a fire blanket?

Fire blankets are ideal for cooking fat fires and can be used to wrap around people if their clothing catches fire. Put the fire blankets over the cooking fat fires, keeping hands and face protected behind it. Turn off the heat source and leave the blanket over the burnt area for at least 30 minutes or until the heat has dissipated.

Key features of fire blanket

  • Standard size 1m x 1m
  • Soft Pouch for safekeeping
  • Convenient and fast to use
  • Non-reusable
  • Non-washable
  • Non-waterproof
  • No need servicing

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