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Multi Gas Detector Singapore

Many of the old standard gas detectors were originally fabricated to detect one type of gas, modern multifunctional or multi gas detectors are capable of detecting several gases simultaneously. Some units can be combined or linked together to form a protection system. When the detector response surpasses a certain pre-set level, an alarm will activate and give warning. This great idea of creating one that can test various gases is very versatile in places where many types of gases are present.

Some of these detectors may be utilized as individual units to monitor small workspace areas, or units can be combined or linked together to create a protection system. As detectors measure a specified gas concentration, the sensor response serves as the reference point or scale.

Function of the Multi Gas Detector

There are various types of detectors available and the majority serves the same function, that is to monitor and warn of a dangerous gas level. However, when considering which type of detector to install, it is pertinent to consider the different intended gases you want to detect. Some multi gas detectors can monitor up to six different types of gases. It has powerful long-life pump up to 125’ range and the low flow pump shut off and trigger an alarm. One favourable feature which user loves to own one is autogas calibration. There is internal hydrophobic duster filter and the external probe with the hydrophobic filter. All these latest features are added to enhance user’s convenience.

There are another two types of multi gas detector available, namely portable multi gas detector and mini type multi gas detector.

 Portable Multi Gas Detector

The portable multi gas detector has a minimalist design with 3.5 inch HD LED colour display. Data can be displayed in curve manner and can measure up to 4 kinds of gases at the same time. Large capacity data storage function, easy to download data and analyze. With internal sampling pump, it can support long-distance sampling and can monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure at the same time.

Another model comes with a top-grade design, good stability and high precision feature. It has monochrome dot matrix LCD graphics display with Chinese and English languages made available. There are visual and audio alarms and there are two types which is single gas detector and multi gas detector. It can measure up to 4 gases at the same time. It comes with back clip for easy conveyance.

Mini Type Multi Gas Detector

The mini type multi gas detector is mini in size but equips with all the required functions. It can measure up to 4 types of gases at the same time and can detect with high precision and fast response. It is small in size, wtih a back clip for easy transportation.

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