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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Singapore

Our company have a range of mild steel cabinets that are made from high-quality Electro-Galvanised Mild Steel Plate and is coated with red epoxy polyester powder, oven baked. Fire extinguisher Cabinet Singapore comes with either the lock & key type, the plastic twist knob type or the spring lock type. Cabinets of unique sizes and designs can also be custom made to requirement. Cabinets are also available in Stainless Steel material type 304 or 316.

It is important to have a durable storage space for your fire protection equipment to allow users to access the equipment in the event of emergency situations.

The cabinet comes with a standard spring lock and 6mm thick wire glass. The wording on the glass varies according to the fire protection systems in which the breaching inlet is installed, eg. DRY RISER INLET, WET RISER INLET, SPRINKLER BREECHING INLET, FOAM INLET, etc. The rear of the cabinet panel has the cut-out holes for easy installation of the breeching inlet to the pipework.




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