Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Is Suitable For Electrical Fire


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Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Singapore

The fire extinguisher is manufactured with a red cylindrical body and has a second coloured band which depict the contents inside so that you can identify what type of fire extinguisher. Each type of extinguisher agent has a corresponding colour which is easy for identification purpose. The black colour band is for Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher. Before starting to fight a fire it is important to check whether the extinguisher is fully charged and that the safety pin is not bent.

Purpose Of The Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher or CO2 fire extinguisher contains CO2 gas and is used on Class B fire (ie liquid fire). It is also a good solution for electric currents like your computer and other electrical goods as it does not cause the system to short circuit. Have you thought of what happens if the gas floats away? Then there will be a re-ignition unless the source of the fire is removed (ie switch off the power supply) or when the material is still very hot. Another point to note is the CO2 fire extinguisher is not fitted with double-lined horns and may cause your fingers to freeze. You are to select CO2 fire extinguisher with frost-free horns.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Specifications

The carbon dioxide extinguisher is suitable for used on Class B & C fires usually ineffective on Class A fires. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also be removing the heat with a very cold discharge. Traditionally on discharge, the surface temperature of a standard CO2 fire extinguisher horn falls rapidly, increasing the risk of freeze burn injury if held. The new frost free horn provides a user-friendly alternative, making the unit safer to hold during fire extinguisher discharge.

  • Double lined to provide a frost-free element
  • Safe to hold during fire extinguisher operation
  • Ends the risk of freeze burns
  • Increases the class B fire rating performance
  • Easy to install
  • Helps to increase confidence in CO2 fire extinguisher use
  • Suitable for use on most makes of 2kg CO2 fire extinguishers
Usage for Class B & C Fire or Electrical Fires

Ideal for places with a lot of electrical equipment both on low and high voltage such as

  • Offices
  • Server or Computer room
  • Generator Rooms
  • Car
  • Electrical workshop
Don’t use for Class A Fire:
  • Kitchen fires – especially chip-pan fires as the strong jet may cause splashes
  • Combustible materials like paper, wood or textiles
  • Flammable metals