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Water Fire Extinguisher Singapore

The fire extinguisher is manufactured with a red cylindrical body and has a second coloured band which depict the contents inside so that you can identify what type of fire extinguisher. Each type of extinguisher agent has a corresponding colour which is easy for identification purpose. The red colour band is for water fire extinguisher. Before attempting to fight a fire it is important to check whether the extinguisher is fully charged and that the safety pin is not bent.

Water fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A fires – in other words, fires that involve ‘combustible materials’, such as paper, cardboard, wood or fabrics and other combustible material. They are recommended for general use in premises such as offices, shops, factories, industries and warehouses, where flammable materials are often stored.

Do not use on electrical equipment, flammable gas or liquids


Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

You will be glad to note that now with the innovative water mist technology, water mist extinguisher is capable of tackling almost all common fires including Class A, B, C, F type of fires as well as fires involving live electrical equipment of up to 1000V!

As opposed to standard water fire extinguisher, the water mist fire extinguisher is capable of producing an ultra-fine mist which is so small that it leaves no trace or causes damage to your property. You need not have to be too troubled over the damages caused. The beauty of it is that it is completely safe for use even on electrical equipment like computers and printers, the small oil and fat fires, clothing and gas flames and are therefore is perfect for offices, workshops, churches, schools and homes.

The unique water mist has the cooling effect of water and creates a “mist curtain” cutting off the oxygen supply to suffocate the burning process. Another advantage is that it uses very little water and can put out the fire in the shortest time as compared to Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher. One litre of water used by the water mist fire extinguisher can produce 22 billions droplets of water.


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